Toilet Paper Mountain

by The Vegetable Plot



Recorded in Sept Twenty Twenty, with the assistance of the ABC Kids Fresh Start Fund. Written during Covid lockdown and a month of home schooling.


Toilet Paper Mountain

I woke up in my box fort
With an out of this world thought
I’m going to build a space port
And a rocket out of cardboard

So I jump on to my scooter
To get my pen and ruler
Mum’s at the home computer
Dad’s at the water cooler
They help me with my scissors
And picking glitter stickers
Sketching the outline
Making my design

It is starting to take shape
It is going to zoom zoom
I’m building a spaceship
Inside my bedroom

Sirens will soon be sounding
The ladder I’ll soon be mounting
The countdown will soon be counting
And we’ll have lift off
Toilet paper mountain
Toilet paper mountain
Toilet paper Mountain
Toilet Paper Moutain

Now Mum’s at the space port
To check my passport
Dad gives his report
On the flight of the astronaut

And all my toys and teddies
all have their cameras ready
as I walk slow and steady
Through rainbows of confetti
wearing my fishbowl helmet
and my space bug repellent,
my shiny spacesuit
and silver gumboots

It is ready to take off
It is ready to zoom zoom
My homemade spaceship
Inside my bedroom

Sirens have started sounding
The ladder I’ve started mounting
The countdown has started counting
It’s time for lift off
Toilet paper mountain
Toilet paper mountain
Toilet Paper Mountain
Toilet Paper Mountain

Don’t you want to soar
Far away from your bedroom floor
Don’t you want to rise
Into the unknown skies
Following your dream
Escape in a dream machine
From these four walls
To where adventure calls

Lift off…
Approaching the moon……

Luke Escombe May 2020 (updated August 2020)


released November 6, 2020
Written by Luke Escombe
Produced by Michael McGlynn
Recorded at Vienna People Studios, Sydney

Guitar and lead vocal - Luke Escombe
Bass and backing vocal - Nick Hoorweg
Backing vocal - Paige Hoorweg
Drums - Jamie Cameron
Percussion - Jess Ciampa
Backing vocal - Michael McGlynn

Made with the assistance of ABC KIDS Fresh Start Fund


all rights reserved



The Vegetable Plot Sydney, Australia

A fresh, funky soundtrack to the food revolution for kids, families, and foodies.

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